Healthcare decisions belong to patients and their doctors, not politicians. I trust Nebraskans to direct their own medical care and that of their children. I trust Nebraska’s healthcare providers to engage in best practice as determined by medical experts not lawmakers. Legislation should protect patients’ rights.


Strong public schools are critical for a thriving democracy. Nebraska relies too heavily on local property tax revenue to fund schools, which is a burden to homeowners. The state should explore other sustainable long-term options for revenue that foster quality, fairness and equity in our K-12 educational system.

Parent involvement in education is vital for student success. Outcomes are best when schools and families work together to support students. Decisions about specific curriculum and learning materials should be made at the local level by individual school districts with oversight from their elected boards.

Public Safety

I believe we can and should do more to prevent firearm injuries and deaths in our communities. Promoting safe, responsible firearm storage, and raising the minimum age to purchase certain types of weapons are examples of measures aimed at reducing firearm injuries and deaths. It is paramount that we continue to support Nebraska’s First Responders by providing the needed resources and legislation they need to protect our residents.

Work Force

We can increase the quality and quantity of labor by workers who have care responsibilities by improving access to quality, affordable childcare; access to housing; expanded home health care; expanded childcare; early childhood education programs and paid family leave which will help us recruit/retain workers and strengthen Nebraska’s workforce. Policies and standards that promote innovation and technology- such as AI – will help us build our economy, create additional  job opportunities and help address Nebraska’s worker shortage.